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    Guild E.M.C event

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    Guild E.M.C event

    Post  Suger on Thu Apr 29, 2010 10:53 am

    hi all

    I will be holding a Guild event every Saturday after D.C.S

    This is to help you all to get your 122 skill books

    rules are

    1. you all pay your own way in (35 mil)

    2. we will open boxes at the end of the monster combo and see what books we get (the books will be given to the person who is closer to that level only if that person has taken part )

    3. if we have not got a full party then we can call in other people (the total of coins will be split between party of 8 that way anyone out side the guild will get there own share ) and the rest we will open boxes for books

    4. once you have you book you still need to attend the E.M.C and help your other guild mates get there's like they helped you get yours

    5. any extra books we get that isn't needed we can sell and get money to either buy books that are needed or to pay for a full party to get more coins for boxes

    6. if we get a book that a guild member needs and this person has not been helping (then a set price will be given no matter what book it is) [ more info on this coming soon]

    I hope as a guild we can help each other for this event i know some of you have your books already but would like if you can help us help other members get there's

    i will be making notes of who comes and who don't i will also post what books we get each week and who has been given it and how many coins we have left

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